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  • Parents/Carers:

    Year 7 Parents' Evening, Thursday 25th January. Please ensure you book an appointment, bookings close 4pm, Wednesday 24th January. We look forward to welcoming you.     

Careers Information and Guidance (CIAG) at Thomas Deacon Academy                                                                                           September 2016

We have a statutory duty to provide independent careers information and guidance to our young people from Year 7 to Year 13. Our CIAG programme comprises classroom based and extra-curricular activities underpinned with academic rigour and there are opportunities to develop the values, skills and behaviours, particularly resilience, resourcefulness and reliability which will help our students to emerge from school ready for the world of work.

It is recommended that we work towards a quality award such as the Quality in Careers Standard, as an effective means of carrying out an audit and evaluation of our careers programme. We are working in partnership with other agencies to ensure we are delivering a high quality programme. This will be communicated to staff, parents and external partners and providers.

 Our CIAG programme has a framework linked to student learning outcomes and incorporates:

  • High quality mentoring and face to face guidance and information about the options available to build confidence and motivation

  • Targeted support for disadvantaged / vulnerable students and those with special educational needs

  • Partnerships with local employers / work experience

  • Post 16 opportunities including access to apprenticeships, traineeships, HE and post 16 progression

  • Development work with independent and external sources including Career Academies UK, Peterborough Skills Service, Smallpeice and Villiers Park.

  • Engagement with parents to support career choices and destinations

  • Entrepreneurial opportunities and the Enterprise Passport

  • Access to role models through the Lead Learners scheme 

  • Online careers advice

  It aims to address:

  • the need for a distinct  careers programme progressively mapped within curriculum framework and enrichment for years 7-13

  • employability skills and their measurement

  • character development  (confidence and motivation) and the contribution of enrichment towards this

  • the enhancement of STEM provision to ensure students consider the widest possible range of choices and to prevent gender stereotyping

  • the gap in destinations for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • exam retakes to ensure all students gain Level 2 qualifications in maths and English

Careers Education Information and Guidance 2016 -17

We aim to provide a learning programme for CEIAG that has suitable breadth, depth and relevance to meet the needs of our students and the interests of employers in the local and national community. The programme will enhance the personal, vocational and academic learning of each student who will be prepared for the next stage in their education, training and employment. The National Careers Service is supporting the growth and development of our programme this year.

Each year group has a set of PD lessons which target specific skills especially time management, communication, research and team membership.

Y7-8 will focus on self-development and self-awareness and explore identity and career ideas.  In term 2 Y7 will take part in an enterprise challenge to learn about the business world. Y8 use on-line careers software to investigate career requirements using Launchpad and Cascaid. Events in term 1 and term 2 include the Engineering and Construction Challenge and Tomorrow’s Engineers led by external providers Smallpeice and Engineering Development Trust. Parents will be invited to Parents’ Forum meets to raise awareness about applying for university.

In Y9, students will be considering their options for two year GCSE courses in Y10 and Y11 and beyond. They will have 1:1 guidance to support pathway selection and in PD they learn about changes in the workplace and the local labour market. In term 3 they will take part in business building with Peterborough’s industry dragons in Dragon’s Den and focus on entrepreneurial and presentation skills. In term 4 a group of local employers will be providing information sessions to guide students to make aspirational and realistic career and FE / HE choices.

Post 14 provision will ensure students are making progress in career exploration. Term 2 provides opportunities to learn more about STEM careers during the Big Bang week supported by STEM Ambassadors from post 16.  In term 6 the City Career Festival will replace the Inspire Conference. Other STEM projects include Green Power, Lego League and Loughborough Gold. Y11 will be introduced to TDA6 in term 1 to learn how to submit their personal details on the new online UCAS progress form which tracks every Y11 student prior to and post GCSE and enables us to monitor vulnerable students and those from less advantaged backgrounds.  They will have online careers support and external providers will support CV writing and interview technique in Term 4.

The post 16 team have a PD programme which provides further advice and guidance and some students are encouraged to seek volunteering and work experience during enrichment time. Prior to entry in Term 6, prospective Y13 students embark on a 2 day Futures event with advice about UCAS application, GAP years and apprenticeships. In term 2 there are visits to HE centres and throughout the year ongoing high quality mentoring from the post 16 team.

Careers Programme component (in progress)

Year Group




 & QA

PD About me


PD team

Consider identity & values

PD team

Ducks Challenge


Term 2 & 3

Peterborough Skills Service

Learning about business

Student voice

PD Launchpad


Online careers software

Personal skills & careers awareness

PD team

Engineering & construction challenge

Y7/8 STEM scholars

Term 1

Smallpeice Trust


Broadening options, encouraging creativity & enterprise



Y8 STEM scholars



Engineering/ technology challenge


EDT challenge Tomorrow’s Engineers

Y8/9 STEM Scholars Term 1

Engineering Development Trust

Practical skill development and global awareness


Bronze Crest Award (BSA)

Careers advice and guidance


Peterborough Skills service

Get ahead of the game 1:1 support

Parent voice

Dragons Den - Build a business


Peterborough Skills Service

Entrepreneurial skills & Enterprise Passport Collaborative learning

Local employers feedback

PD Guided choices - New Kudos


TDA team

1:1 IAG discussion


Meet the professionals  terms 3-4


Local employers

Changing work place

Student voice





Tackling stereotypes

Understanding the labour market The changing work place

PD team

Engineering and CAD design


Caterpillar Perkins



Careers Fair term 6


Peterborough Skills service

Exploring careers

Student voice

CV writing


Peterborough Skills service

Personal organisation

Self awareness


Careers café



Local employers


Civil service

Post 16 team

Online Cascaid & E clips

Parental engagement

Targeted group at parental consultation evenings


Post 16 options TDA6

Y11 term 2


Post 16 team


Introduction to UCAS progress file.

Tracking post 16 choices. Highlighting grade predictions

Post 16 options Pboro - Y11 assemblies



City College, 3AAA

Introduction to city wide post16 options

Identifying NEET risks

Post 16 taster day


Post 16 team / PRC and Stamford College

As above

Target group

Mock interviews / CV workshops



Term 4

Peterborough Skills Service

Meeting local employers. Confidence S & L skills

Student voice

Targeted support

HE Conference  

Post 16


HE visits


High quality mentoring


Post 16 team

Needs based


Big Bang Term 2



Widening Horizons


Learning about Apprenticeships


STEM Villiers Park



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